Jatinder Kalra

Brief Intro

Jatinder Kalra is recently retired from Schlumberger after 34 years and having spent a majority of those years in managing manufacturing operations of a product line producing laboratory scale equipment for analysis of petroleum fluids.

Highlights from the Interview
  • Making the leap to production manager in a growing company

  • The importance of having good people and a great support group around you

  • Importance of having processes and manufacturing system set up before growth

  • Quality system provides a baseline for consistency, repeatability, stability of product and a mechanism for improvement in a controlled manner.

  • After downturn, added sales force and increased sales from $2M to $6-7M a year in four or five years.

  • Company grew from a startup to 63 employees.

  • Company acquired by Schlumberger, growth continued to 160 employees.

  • Growth based on having client relationships, even when product is out of warranty.

  • Resulted in repeat business. One client liked the work and ended up buying the firm.

  • Key reason for success is having a great working environment, a result of management caring for employees, building a family environment, hiring smart and bringing on the right personalities that match to the culture.

  • Another lesson learned is the importance of doing work right the first time. This directly affects the company's reputation. People were proud of their work and took ownership of their work.

  • Jatinder now working with small manufacturing businesses to help them address cash flow issues, getting qualified personnel, grow and build their operations up.

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