Cheryl Lockhart

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Brief Intro

Cheryl is a multi-disciplinary, pragmatic and results-focused consultant, who works with business owners and management teams that want to reach the next level. She take start-up ideas and helps build companies, guides average companies to greatness and takes successful organizations into new territory. Cheryl says It's not just about greater profit, but also gaining control of the business, achieving more each day without putting in additional hours and making informed decisions.

Highlights from the Interview
  • International sales opportunities may be lost by Canadian companies not having a strategic approach and plan for their business.

  • Developing a strategic plan can be somewhat painful and nebulous and companies may just want to take action.

  • Why bother planning because the world changes to quickly?

  • Many companies need to work on business fundamentals first so they can adjust to big changes in markets.

  • Trend 1 – businesses are saying now is the time for strategic planning so we are ready for when the market comes back.

  • Trend 2 – be more active in international markets to diversify sales.

  • Commitments required to prepare and implement a strategic plan.

  • Example stories of Omni’s clients in planning and getting results including better communications, building teams and a stronger business.

  • Behavior aspects of strategic planning and implementation, changing mindsets, taking a collaborative approach, enhancing values relationships versus transactional relationships.

  • How to make a breakthrough when a company has reached a plateau.


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