Book a Call with Jeff

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve attended a presentation or talk I gave or you’ve read my book and you’re interested and excited about accelerating growth of your business, want to make it easier to run and be ready to sell the business, when you want, at the very best price.

You have likely considered alternatives - either doing the work in-house, our bringing in outside specialists. But you have concerns and are reluctant to go ahead and make commitments.

And, I’m guessing that you’re looking for something that will move you towards your goals, get results you want in a timely basis but without heavy investments and increased risks. It needs to fit your business, and most importantly, will WORK!

I may be able to help you with that, but truthfully, I don’t yet know.


And, in fairness, you have no idea if I and my team are the right fit to help you, either.


So, I suggest we find a time to talk, understand your goals, and find out if we help will solve your specific challenges.

What will happen when we meet


On our 45 minute call, I’ll ask some questions to better understand you, your business, your market, and most importantly, your bigger goals.

I want to know the tactical goals–what challenges is your business facing, and what specific results you want to achieve in the next year (e.g. revenues, margins and valuation).


I also want to know your strategic goals–why are you building your business? What purpose does it serve for you? What are your key milestones?

Now, there’s no need to prepare for this, everything I’ll ask will be easily answered.


Your answers will help me determine what will be needed to reach your big goals.


At that point, our approach may or may not be a fit, but I’ll have the information to make a clear recommendation for you.


During the call, you’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions about our process and how we help.


And, if it turns out that we are able to help you, I’ll share the options we have for that and help you understand which option(s) are most appropriate for you. And, it’s important for you to know ahead of time that the investment to have our team collaborate with you comes in two stages.


The first stage is to develop a comprehensive Growth Plan with supporting analysis. The Plan defines priorities, timing and resources for Value Improvement Projects. The second stage is to implement the Plan.


We develop the Growth Plan with you in the first 1-2 months and then organize and manage implementation of four projects per quarter. We will go at your pace and work on your priorities. I've found that in one year you will be able to strengthen all of the main business drivers in your company and achieve many of your goals defined in the Growth Plan.

And, it’s important for you to know ahead of time that the investment to have our team collaborate with you. The Growth Plan fees are for 2 months at $4,000 per month. This is a one-time charge. There is a time commitment of your key people in preparing this Plan.

Once the Growth Plan has been prepared, Pallister's fees are "value-based", meaning they are determined by our contribution to the value you've determined you'll be receiving. This provides an excellent ROI for you and equitable compensation for us.

What won’t happen when we meet

Our goal when we meet is to find out if we should collaborate to solve your business growth challenge. After the call, I will provide a complimentary high-level "Discover" assessment to allow you see the potential value of working together. There’s no pressure from me. This is an investment in your company that has to make sense for both of us.

Our call will also not be a consulting or coaching session. A growth plan and its implementation that you want (and presumably are lacking now) isn’t something that will be solved in a 45-minute call. If it were that easy, you’d have solved it by now, wouldn’t you have?

Instead, we’re going to seriously discuss what you want to achieve, where you are now, what it will take to get from there to where you really want to be, and then, we’ll decide if we want to tackle that problem together and fix it for you, or if we should go our separate ways.

What you need to know

So, if you can commit to a program to develop the Growth Plan, then we should talk. It will be a good use of your time and mine. You won’t be frustrated and disappointed to find that the real solution you need is out of reach, and I won’t be frustrated speaking to you before you’re at a place where I can help you.

If all of that sounds good, then, please go ahead and book a time for us to talk. I’m keen to have the conversation.

Regardless of the outcome of our conversation, I want you to feel excited about your future and the opportunities ahead of you, not frustrated or disappointed. Please read the following statements to confirm that your expectations align with what will happen on our call.

  • Yes, I understand that the primary reason for meeting with Jeff will be to figure out if there is a fit between my desire to accelerate the growth of my business and what his firm offers. It is therefore not a free consulting session but neither is it a sales pitch.

  • I confirm that if Jeff and I agree that working together is a good idea, I'm ready to start in the next 30 days (otherwise it's best to book a chat when you are ready to start).

  • I understand that fees are $4,000 per month for the first two months to develop your company's Growth Plan. Once the Growth Plan has been prepared, Pallister's fees are "value-based" and determined by the value created to your business.

If you agree to the above, please schedule a call. I look forward to hearing from you.